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Manufacturers of quality synthetic lawn and artificial turf products!

Virtually maintenance free

With the ever increasing price and demand for water,

it makes sense to switch to a ‘green’ alternative.


Did you know that in a year, the average home uses
about 25 gallons of water per square foot of lawn?
For a 1000 square foot lawn, that is 25,000 gallons.

A few of the other benefits include:

Ø  No need for pesticides, fertilizers and other lawn chemicals

Ø  Eliminates noise and air pollution from mowers and trimmers

Ø  Keeps ‘green’ waste (i.e. clippings), out of the landfills

Ø  Saves time and money

Ø  Lush and natural appearance

Ø  Environmentally friendly

Ø  Easy to maintain

Ø  Pets love it


Install our beautiful artificial turf lawn replacement,

and the grass will always be greener on your side of the fence!


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